Look Into The Future With A Blast From The Past

We have all made resolutions in the past which we didn't keep. Perhaps exercising every day and eating absolutely no sugar for an entire year is a bit too farfetched. Still, there's one easy item you can cross off your list straight away: Buying a new car can be as easy we pie (ooh pie!), simply by stopping in to our showroom here at La Porte Chrysler.

Are you excited about the new SRT Hellcat? We can't wait to take that for a spin, but in the meantime, we will enjoy riding around in the Dodge Charger. This is exactly the reason you should come in a try one out for yourself. It's exciting to think of all the future has to give us, but a look into the past is just as fun. We have just the thing; a retro commercial from the 60s featuring the Charger. My, how they've grown!

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