Here at our auto service department, we want you to get the most from your Jeep. Whether you’re vacationing off the beaten path this summer or picking up the kids from camp, keeping up with your Jeep’s oil change schedule is critical to reliability. Oil changes are as important for newer Jeep models as they are for older models. It’s also best if your maintenance is performed by certified maintenance staff and according to the manufacturer’s suggested schedule, which is most often located with your owner’s manual.

Gaining that Extra Mile

Hey, we know your Jeep is an investment, one you’re happy that you made. We are, too. That’s why we want to help you keep feeling that way about your ride every time you get behind the wheel. Our service team stays fired up and ready to help maintain your new or existing Jeep with quality maintenance. Our expertly certified staff can handle any job under your Jeep’s hood. Performing your regularly scheduled oil changes using our qualified technicians and genuine Jeep parts will help ensure your ride goes that extra mile for you.

Fun and Safety Go Together

If you’re a Jeep driver, then you’ll appreciate the extra care and pampering your Jeep gets from us, even when your visit to our service department is for something as simple as an oil change. We also know that safety doesn’t mean losing out on fun. In the case of your Jeep, safety is essential to that fun.

Jeep owners always get where they need to go in life. Let our service department help you get where you’re going so you can get more fun time with your Jeep!

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